About Exo Group

Joining forces allows us to achieve the best results

EXO Group is the umbrella organisation for several companies which are renowned for their professional approach. We operate in various sectors. For example, our solutions allow you to work safely, create an unusual premises or develop a successful product.


Areas of expertise
We have a total of five areas of expertise in which we work at a local, national and international level. Within these areas of expertise, over 250 people take great pride and pleasure in their work every day. 

Making the connection
Each area of expertise has its own focus. At the same time, we collaborate frequently. Connecting the right people allows us to bring ideas and solutions to life. We join forces to achieve the best results. Together, we are stronger!  

A helping hand
Do you have any questions? Or would you like to submit a promising investment? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing how the Exo Group can help you on your way. 



Mark van Buiten

Mark van Buiten is the face of the Exo Group. Mark is an experienced and driven entrepreneur with a comprehensive network. He enjoys connecting people and companies, always goes for the best result and constantly seeks out opportunities to make new working and living environments more attractive, innovative and safe.